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The Scoop on Weddings

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything for many businesses and we are no exception. Initially, we put wedding bookings on hold, simply to manage the rebooking of the contracts that were already on the books. We have some weddings that have changed dates more than four times due to mandated shutdowns and lockdowns, and many still remain in limbo.

Our intent was to start booking new weddings when all the pandemic restrictions were completely lifted. This unfortunately is not going to turn out as we originally set out. As of February 2021, we have made the decision to not entertain weddings in the classic sense which included detailed consultations, tastings, deliveries and setups, etc. We will no longer offer those services.

Moving Forward

What does this mean for prospective brides/grooms? Since we have also decided to no longer make available full size cakes at the retail end, this also applies to weddings. The only option that remains, for those that are interested in having our cupcakes at their reception, is to order our cupcakes as they are. There is no option for delivery and or setup, so the cupcakes would have to be picked up and setup by yourselves. We also no longer rent out cupcake stands. We understand that this may not be a viable alternative for you, but it is the only option we make available.

So How Do I Order Cupcakes for a Wedding?

As mentioned near the top, we will no longer do consultations and/or tastings. If you would like to have our cupcakes at your reception, first you would decide on the flavours that you would like by purchasing our cupcakes and enjoying them at your leisure. Then you would simply call or stop by the bake shop and place your order as you would for any other celebration (i.e. anniversaries, birthdays, etc.)

It’s that simple.