Company Story


home-thumb1Inevitably it always starts the same way: a person with a dream and passion, a support circle of great friends and family. Tiny Cakes is no different. The brainchild of Jennifer Gralec, who together with her husband, Arthur Gralec, put sweat and tear equity to open the doors on December 11th, 2010.

After having their two children, Sofia and Emma, Jennifer decided that if she were to spend time away from her kids, it better be for something she loves. In her case it was the love and passion for baking. After a year of market testing, recipe adjusting and brainstorming for new recipes, her baked goods were ready for prime time! Both Jen and Arthur bring a sense of quality to Tiny Cakes. In their minds it has to taste exceptional. It sounds so much like a cliche, but you can definitely taste the difference when great quality ingredients are used.

Both Jennifer and Arthur are of European descent. Jennifer is a first generation Portuguese Canadian, while Arthur grew up in Krakow, Poland – immigrating to Canada in his late teens. Jennifer and Arthur draw on their exposure to European cuisine, having experienced their mothers’ baking as well as retail baked goods from many countries in Europe.

It wasn’t a case of “when I grow up, I want to own a bakery…” for neither of the two. Jennifer’s background includes a Honours English degree from Wilfred Laurier University as well as a Sales career that elevated her to a position of a Business Development Manager with a global chemical company. Arthur’s background includes a Marketing diploma from Conestoga College, computer graphics and photography, and most recently an IT Administrator for a large pharmaceutical company. Both, Jennifer and Arthur, believe that their “past life” experiences have prepared them well and compliment their current incarnation as Tiny Cakes – Cambridge’s hidden gem.

Tiny Cakes is committed to rekindling people’s love affair with desserts. After all, if you are going to indulge, it better be a great tasting dessert. You know that feeling you get in your knees after you’ve tasted something so great, that you’d swear it’s the best thing you ever had? That’s what Tiny Cakes strives for. Dessert should be the final touch to a great dinner – it should not be an afterthought. French women often pride themselves and are judged on how well they have shopped for the final course of any meal. Make it a Tiny Cakes final touch – whether it’s a simple cupcake, or an elegant mousse.